How to write to IT people a.k.a. IT geeks?

13-03-2008 19:22 - Zdroj:
At my work I sometimes have to compose B2B direct mails (not because they pay me, but because our local agency is not paid to do so - weird, but convenient status quo at least for them) Anyway, I do it because I like it and I take it as training. Mainly these direct mails target IT people. At the beginning, I had a dilemma regarding what kind of ‘language’ to use. I heard from other colleagues that IT people hate emotional babble and I shouldn’t write to them as if they were stupid. So I asked the expert - Drayton Bird. He set it very right when writing: “IT people are (as far as we can see) quite human. They love, hate, laugh, fear, hope, have ambitions - and so on.” His company found out that: “Combining emotional and practical benefits works, and it pays to speak in plain English, not techo-gloop - but you must be very clear and strong on the practical features.” And regarding IT people and them being stupid or clever, he wrote me about simple golden rule: “1. Some are stupid, some are clever but you need to persuade all of them. 2. Therefore, write so clearly that even the stupid ones understand - because the clever ones will too. Also, do what you would in normal life when talking to someone. Be polite. Don’t make it obvious that you think someone may be stupid. In copy the magic phrase is, “As you know” at the start of a sentence where you say something everyone should know - but perhaps many don’t.” I hope this little guide will help you in writing letters to IT people. It definitely helped me. References: Drayton Bird’s 51+ helpful ideas - Pokračovat...

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