Information for an individual infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus

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Information for an individual infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus.You were found to be infected with a virus that can under certain circumstances cause the serious disease of your defense mechanisms called AIDS. But the presence of the virus in your body does not mean that you already have this disease, which is known to develop on average in approximately 70% of infected people within 10 years of infection. An infected individual may live many years without any symptoms of the disease. This means he/she can be completely healthy, but can infect his/her partner during sexual intercourse or transmit the virus to other people through his/her blood by coming into contact with an individual's open wound, by donating blood, or, in the case of a mother, by giving birth to a child.In your own interest, to avoid worsening your disease or to not transmit the infection to someone else, you should observe the following principles:1.If you have any health problems, however seemingly unimportant, such as recurrent respiratory tract infection, and in particular a persistent cough, or loss in body weight, lymph node swelling, rash or so on, please don't hesitate to contact me or another doctor specializing in AIDS, whom you can choose by yourself. You will be invited for regular health checkups, enabling the introduction of adequate treatment in a timely manner if needed. Such treatment is often initiated at the time when we find certain changes during immunological tests, which need not manifest as health disorders. The basic health care will be provided to you by your treating physician or pediatrician. Currently we are not able to achieve full recovery from this disease, but we can treat it and prevent complications, thus allowing you to live a high-quality and valuable life like other people do. From the moment of your diagnosis, you have a greater responsibility to yourself and others.2.You must not donate blood, sperm, breast milk, organs, or tissues.3. Whether at ... - Pokračovat...

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