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Unstable work and lack of partner increase risk of hospitalisation in early years of HIV infection, even with HAARTA French study suggests that, even when effective anti-HIV treatments are available, HIV-positive individuals have a high risk of being hospitalised in the early years of HIV infection. The study, which is published in the October 1st edition of the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes also revealed that adverse social and economic conditions, including the lack of a stable relationship and not having a permanent job were risk factors for hospitalisation or death in the few first years after infection with HIV. "Health benefits of recent advances in HIV infection management have been shown to differ between groups of patients independent of their clinical characteristics", write the investigators from the PRIMO cohort study. This cohort includes patients who were diagnosed with primary HIV infection. A total of 319 patients were recruited to the study between 1996 and 2002 and were included in the investigators' current analysis. The investigators noted that several earlier studies have suggested that some groups of patients, in particular ethnic minorities, drug users, women and younger patients do not seem to have benefited from HIV therapy as much as other groups. The aim of the current study was to see if there was an independent association between social and economic factors and hospitalisation or death in the first few years of HIV infection. Access to HIV care is universal in France, and patients are treated as outpatients. Therefore the investigators believed that hospitalisation for any cause would be an indicator of declining health. Follow-up was provided for a median of 2.5 years. Patients enrolled in the study were overwhelmingly male (83%), French or Europeans (90%), and had been infected with HIV through sex with another man (62%). The median age at enrolment was 33 years. At enrolment, 78% reported being in a permanent job ... - Pokračovat...

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