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Across The Nation | Report Recommends Five-Point Plan To Reduce Spread of HIV Among U.S. Blacks[Nov 17, 2006]The National Minority AIDS Council on Thursday released a report calling for U.S. policymakers to implement a five-point strategy aimed at combating HIV/AIDS among blacks in the country, the San Francisco Chronicle reports (Fulbright, San Francisco Chronicle, 11/16). Blacks account for 13% of the U.S. population but make up more than half of new HIV cases in the country, according to CDC (Dunham, Reuters Health, 11/16). The 27-page report -- titled, "African Americans, Health Disparities and HIV/AIDS: Recommendations for Confronting the Epidemic in Black America" -- was released as part of events leading up to World AIDS Day, which will be held on Dec. 1 (Taylor, Long Island Newsday, 11/16). For the report, NMAC examined the social, economic and personal factors that are the basis for the HIV/AIDS epidemic among U.S. blacks (Reuters Health, 11/16). The report calls on advocates to strengthen black communities by addressing the issue of affordable housing; eliminating marginalization, stigma and discrimination against black men who have sex with men; reducing the impact of incarceration on the spread of HIV among blacks; broadening HIV education programs and promote early detection through voluntary, routine testing; and expanding substance abuse prevention programs, drug treatment and recovery services, and needle-exchange programs (NMAC release, 11/16). The report also outlines several factors that have made blacks increasingly vulnerable to HIV transmission, including limited access to health insurance, distrust of the health care system, higher levels of homelessness, and drug use. According to the report, more than 40% of U.S. prisoners are black and AIDS prevalence among prisoners is three times higher than the prevalence in the general population. To address the issue, the report calls on U.S. prisons and jails to make condoms available and to implement ... - Pokračovat...

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