Global AIDS epidemic

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Joint Press Release WHO/UNAIDS on 21th November 2006Global AIDS epidemic continues to growNew data also show HIV prevention programmes getting better results if focused on reaching people most at risk and adapted to changing national epidemicsGeneva, 21 November 2006- The global AIDS epidemic continues to grow and there is concerning evidence that some countries are seeing a resurgence in new HIV infection rates which were previously stable or declining. However, declines in infection rates are also being observed in some countries, as well as positive trends in young people's sexual behaviours.According to the latest figures published today in the UNAIDS/WHO 2006 AIDS Epidemic Update, an estimated 39.5 million people are living with HIV. There were 4.3 million new infections in 2006 with 2.8 million (65%) of these occurring in sub-Saharan Africa and important increases in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, where there are some indications that infection rates have risen by more than 50% since 2004. In 2006, 2.9 million people died of AIDS-related illnesses.New data suggest that where HIV prevention programmes have not been sustained and/or adapted as epidemics have changed-infection rates in some countries are staying the same or going back up.In North America and Western Europe, HIV prevention programmes have often not been sustained and the number of new infections has remained the same. Similarly in low- and middle-income countries, there are only a few examples of countries that have actually reduced new infections. And some countries that had showed earlier successes in reducing new infections, such as Uganda, have either slowed or are now experiencing increasing infection rates."This is worrying-as we know increased HIV prevention programmes in these countries have shown progress in the past- Uganda being a prime example. This means that countries are not moving at the same speed as their epidemics," said UNAIDS Executive Director Dr Peter Piot. "We need to greatly ... - Pokračovat...

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