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JillianI've been dreaming for so long To find the meaning To understand The secret of life Why am I here To try again We'll always We'll always See the truth, When it stares ya in the face Will I ever Will I never free my self Breaking these chains [Chorus:] In my heart in my soul I turn it back it's my fault Your destiny is forlorn After the turning sign In my heart in my soul I turn it back And then I've lost My key on the way I've been living for so long Many seasons past me by I've seen kingdoms through ages Rise and fall I've seen it all I've seen the harbour I've seen the wonders Happening just in front of my eyes Will I ever Will I never free myself by breaking it right? [Chorus] Jillian Our dream ended long ago All our stories And all our glories I held so dear We won't be together for ever and ever No more tears I'll always be here 'Till the end [Voices] Jillian [Chorus] - Pokračovat...

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