Walking in space

02-02-2007 21:40 - Zdroj: nympha.blog.cz
WALKING IN SPACEDoors locked (doors locked)Blinds pulled (blinds pulled)Lights low (lights low)Flames high (flames high)My body (my body)My bodyMy body (my body)My bodyMy bodyIs walking in spaceMy soul is in orbitWith God face to faceFloating, flippingFlying, trippingOn a rocket toThe Fourth DimensionTotal self awarenessThe intentionMy mind is as clear as country airI feel my flesh, all colors meshRed blackBlue brownYellow crimsonGreen orangePurple pinkViolet whiteWhite whiteWhite whiteWhite whiteAll the clouds are cumuloftWalking in spaceOh my God your skin is softI love your faceHow dare they try to end this beauty?How dare they try to end this beauty?To keep us under footThey bury us in sootPretending it's a choreTo ship us off to warIn this diveWe rediscover sensationIn this diveWe rediscover sensationWalking in spaceWe find the purpose of peaceThe beauty of lifeYou can no longer hideOur eyes are openOur eyes are openOur eyes are openOur eyes are openWide wide wide! - Pokračovat...

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