White boys

02-02-2007 21:40 - Zdroj: nympha.blog.cz
WHITE BOYSWhite boys are so prettySkin as smooth as milkWhite boys are so prettyHair like Chinese silkWhite boys give me goose bumpsWhite boys give me chillsWhen they touch my shoulderThat's the touch that killsWell, my momma calls 'em liliesI call 'em PiccadilliesMy daddy warns me stay awayI say come on out and playWhite boys are so groovyWhite boys are so toughEvery time that they're near meI just can't get enoughWhite boys are so prettyWhite boys are so sweetWhite boys drive me crazyDrive me indiscreetWhite boys are so sexyLegs so long and leanLove those sprayed-on trousersLove the love machineMy brother calls 'em rubbleThat's my kind of troubleMy daddy warns me "no no no"But I say "White boys go go go"White boys are so lovelyBeautiful as girlsI love to run my fingersAnd toes through all their curlsGive me a tallA leanA sexyA sweetA prettyA juicyWhite boyBlack boys!White boys!Black boys!White boys!Mixed media! - Pokračovat...

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