Where do I go?

02-02-2007 21:37 - Zdroj: nympha.blog.cz
WHERE DO I GO?Where do I goFollow the riverWhere do I goFollow the gullsWhere is the somethingWhere is the someoneThat tells me why I live and dieWhere do I goFollow the childrenWhere do I goFollow their smilesIs there an answerIn their sweet facesThat tells me why I live and dieFollow the wind songFollow the thunderFollow the neon in young lovers' eyesDown to the gutterUp to the glitterInto the cityWhere the truth liesWhere do I goFollow my heartbeatWhere do I goFollow my handWhere will they lead meAnd will I everDiscover why I live and dieWhy do I live (beads, flowers)Why do I die (freedom, happiness)Tell my why (beads, flowers)Tell me where (freedom, happiness)Tell my why (beads, flowers)Tell me why (freedom!) - Pokračovat...

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