3 Types of Brand Names and Tips on Coming Up With One

28-09-2022 11:30 - Zdroj: blog.seo-profesional.cz
Creating a name that is recognisable, symbolic and captures a brand’s philosophy is no easy feat. In this article, I would like to help you understand the various type of brand names that the marketplace is made up of and share some quick tips on how to create one. Not every name is made the same. Generally, they are divided into 3 fundamental categories: Descriptive brand names These are names that have the product or service in the name, and generally leave no room for ambiguity. They are names like Costa Coffee, General Motors, WeTransfer, etc. By hearing that name, you know exactly what this business provides to its customers. Suggestive brand names These names usually suggest the service or product this business offers in a metaphorical or symbolic way. They are typically created in a way that the name builds upon an already established knowledge of its potential customers. They are names such as AirBus, NetFlix, Facebook, Marketeasers, they all suggest a hint to what this brand is about. For example, NetFlix, can be translated as Network of Flicks. While the latter would be descriptive, NetFlix isn’t and is a creative way to hint what the business offers. Another one is AirBus, buses in the air, right? Well, there is some humour in that, but also a very concrete idea behind it. Marketeasers is also a suggestive business name, you can see it as Market Easers, but also Marke-t-easers, all evoking what this brand provides to its customers. They are very popular as they have a bit of both, they are inventive and original but cleverly hint at their meaning through smart symbolism. Inventive brand names These names are usually non-representational, invented or non-suggestive, so by default without prior knowledge about that brand, you won’t be able to know what this business offers. These are brands such as Apple, Amazon, McDonald’s, Adidas, Armani, Miroslavo. They are highly original names, however, you have ... - Pokračovat...

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