Certain type of publicity, you just can’t buy.

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I have worked in marketing for a long time now, marketing both my own projects and of other companies. Many types of publicity and brand diffusion strategies are accessible, either through organic means or paid efforts, but there is some type of PR that just can’t be purchased or dreamt of. It’s the type that finds you. You probably did something to deserve it, but it’s the type of visibility that happens to you, not by you. I’m the founder of Marketeasers and besides running a marketing agency, I’m also an artist. I have used my skills of marketing to bring my art career and business to life. While there are various ways to bring visibility, some kind just arrives simply because people find my story, product, and purpose interesting that they want to promote it. Of course, it helps to give the other side an incentive too. I took a course at Harvard Business School in 2021. A year later, I was approached by the university to give an interview on my life, work, and experience with the school. An article on their website was later published, and their social media manager offered me space to take over their Instagram Stories for the whole day. This gave me a great opportunity to promote myself, my projects and brands, and also talk about important subjects like sustainability and business strategy while encouraging others to seek online education. I was completely plastered on all of HBS Online’s social media channels, including retweets by the principal school in Boston. Now, this counts to more than 1 million people who had likely taken a glimpse of my profile. Now, that’s some kick-ass branding if you ask me, but one I didn’t really plan for nor expect would happen to me. Why I found Marketeasers Now, as much as I love to grow and build awareness of my own projects that I’m passionate about, I love to help others. This is the core reason why ... - Pokračovat...

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